Talks/Invited Seminars

Invited Seminars


Quantum Electronics at the Atomic Limit, Osaka University, Japan

Atomic-Level Investigation of Topological Matter, Australian Research Council (ARC) Centre of Excellence for Low Energy Electronics Technologies (FLEET), Monash University, Melbourne.

Atomic-Precision Device Architectures for High-Fidelity Electron Spin Read-Out, Shizuoka University, Hamamatsu.

Atomic-Level Investigation of Topological Matter, Shizuoka University, Hamamatsu.

Conference Talks


Quasiparticle Interference in the Topological Dirac Line Node Semimetal ZrSiS, Recent Progress in Graphene & 2D Materials Research (RPGR) 2017, Singapore.

Electron Spin Relaxation in Single Donors and Donor Clusters, IEEE Silicon Nanoelectronics Workshop (SNW) 2017, Kyoto.